About Us

P.A.C.E. believes that:

  1. All children in Michigan should have access to quality education regardless of location or economic status;
  2. Each child has unique gifts and needs that may require different approaches to learning; and
  3. Parents and guardians are best positioned to act as primary decision-makers regarding their children’s education.

P.A.C.E is building a grassroots coalition of parent advocates who can learn about the need to protect and advance their rights, as well as the potential impact of legislation that could take away or expand your education freedoms!

Parents are best equipped to speak on behalf of their children.

Educational choice organizations need lobbyists and political analysts, professionals who determine where advocates can do their best work and around which situations to mobilize but without parent advocates, legislators will not understand the heart and soul of the issue. Families who can effectively share the stories of how they have benefited from school choice can make a powerful, positive impact on behalf of many more Michigan families like theirs!


Get Involved!

Advocacy Training

At P.A.C.E., we will train our coalition on effective grassroots influencing techniques:  

• Email Campaigns

• Phone Tree Efforts

• Letters to the Editor

• Online / Social Media Comments and Messaging

• Legislative Days


Contact Us

Parent Advocates for Choice in Education


(989) 631-0900


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm